Facebook for business

facebook for business

43% of MARKETERS say Facebook Page is CRITICAL to their business, So now you must know there is 8 reasons why Facebook For Business is your next marketing channel:

1- Facebook is the largest social media website until now 🙂

2- The best AD Manager tool to reach your audience with 80% REAL targeting from (age, location, interest, etc)

3- Your ADs are shown on Mobile App even it was (Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone) so your audience are in your hand don’t worry 😉

4- You can also drive online users to your website, so you can increase your website visitors and show them more about your business.

5- You can always promote your offers and communicate with your clients second by second.

6- Build trust, and this is the most important key in business.

7- You can track your budget and your ADs from Insights tool, to see where your budget spent and how many engagements done.

8- BOOMING with the smallest budget fees, YES Facebook is the cheapest rate until now from all social media.

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