Facebook: May 18th is the expected day to start trading.

Although initial reports and leaks, which announced a decrease in the demand for shares of Facebook, but the source said the firm relating to the process of subtraction that was covering the shares of IPO for Facebook several times, which could result in increased price range proposed in the Prospectus which is from 28 to 35 dollars per share

It is possible that the company issued a supplement to the Prospectus to the extent the new price is expected to be higher than the current

He added also that the demands on the IPO shares mostly from institutions and individuals expected to receive a percentage ranging from 10 to only 20% and get institutions to the rest

As the promotional campaign is still in the middle of the road, all equations and a list of possibilities it is possible to change the demand for shares

It is expected that requests for subscription closes the door next Wednesday May 16 and that one day before the announcement of the final price of the share price in the IPO

It is well known that the maximum price over the current $ 35 they lead to the proceeds of sale of shares is estimated at $ 13.6 billion and evaluation of kidneys for Facebook company up to 96 billion U.S. dollars.

May 17  is the expected day to determine the price.

May 18 is the expected day to start trading.

Bellow is The presentation Video of the IPO shares of Facebook and promotional displays in the campaign to investors :