Facebook Starts offering the shares of Stock Exchange «NASDAQ» officially $38

On Friday «Facebook», amid great anticipation, his first step in the Stock Exchange «NASDAQ» E-rate $ 38 per share, which gives it a market value of $ 104 billion.Investors were waiting to see the level that will reach the value of the share on the first day of trading in the stock market.The founder of the «Facebook» and Chairman of its Board of Directors, Mark Zakrberg, not only sells shares to enable it to pay the taxes due, which is a value of $ 1.15 billion, and will retain the rest of the amount of contribution rate of 18.4%.

Analysts have warned any outburst of enthusiasm for the shares of the social network, which includes 900 million common shares, which will be put under the slogan «F. B », growth of turnover of« Facebook »slowing, in time increase the company’s investments and find it difficult to derive revenue from mobile devices, which are increasingly used instead of conventional computers to access the network.

And the state of the high demand from investors, can put an additional 63.18 million shares for sale, and will follow up «Zakrberg» event of the headquarters «Facebook» in Menlo Park, California, western United States.

And the process taken as a stunning size exceeded the value of «Facebook» market by far, the value of the Disney group «80 billion dollars», which is nearly a century old, even if it is still lower than the value of Internet giant «Google»