Google Mobile Wallet

Google has unveiled its Mobile Wallet, which is a better, more secure way to keep track of your finances and use them in everyday life. Google Wallet helps keep things organized by storing all of your credit and debit card information in one safe, easy to access location, and very secured in transactions.

In-Person Shopping

Any store that features NFC technology *Tab And Go* is ready for Google Mobile Wallet. By simply tapping your phone to the terminal in question, your financial information is securely transmitted and the transaction is paid for without revealing your credit card information to the retailer. This makes it much less likely that prying eyes will attempt to hijack your information and use it for their own devious purposes later. There are hundreds of thousands of NFC terminals already installed in the United States and many more around the world; there’s no reason not to adopt this technology now.

Online Shopping

With Google Mobile Wallet, online shopping is as easy as any one-click solution can be on the internet. Offering the ability to sign in and view thousands of online retailers who accept Google Wallet, your shopping experience is augmented and you are able to browse stores you may have never found otherwise.