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SEO Or Pay-Per-Click Advertising , Which Should You Choose ?

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimization campaigns offer several distinct advantages over pay-per-click advertising campaigns, as many recent studies have shown. What follows is a brief listing of some of the findings.


Propensity to Click

Study after study indicates people are less likely to click on paid search ads rather than on results from organic search engine optimization. For example, one study found that search users are up to six times more likely to click on the first few organic results than they are to choose any of the paid results, while an eye tracking study showed that 50 percent of users begin their search by scanning the top organic results.

Value of Visitors

Organic search engine results tend to be seen as non-biased, and they therefore are able to provide visitors that are more valuable. The overall conversion rate, or the rate at which searchers take a desired action on a site, is 17 percent higher for unpaid search results than the rate for paid (4.2% vs. 3.6%). Trends also have shown that more of the sales that result from search engines originated in organic search listings.


While the above statistics may make organic search engine optimization seem the clear choice in all cases, in certain situations it actually can make more sense to do pay-per-click advertising. For those looking for fast results on a small budget, a pay-per-click campaign may be the answer.


Small businesses with extremely tight budgets may find that pay-per-click is a better investment than organic search engine optimization because a pay-per-click campaign will almost always cost less – good search engine optimization companies simply do not work for $100 per month. By limiting a campaign’s keyphrases to highly specific terms relevant to a company’s business, there will not be a large amount of traffic generated, but the traffic that is generated will be specific to the desired result.

The Difference of ONLINE & OFFLINE Branding.

We need to understand the difference of branding online and offline is the fact that there should not be a difference when it comes to your brand. Your online branding and your offline branding should be TOGETHER. Most of your customers are going to be looking for a correlation between the online branding and offline branding that you use, and may actually be turned off by stark differences between the two. If your online branding and your offline branding do not match, you are going to create more problems you dont need.

Here are some considerations that you are going to want to make when it comes to creating a level of cohesiveness between your branding online and your branding offline. First and foremost, you are going to want to make sure that you only have a JUST ONE LOGO for your company. If you only have one single company, then why would you use more than a single logo? A logo is a graphical icon designed to help identify your business.

When it comes to branding, you are definitely also going to want to stick to one consistent type of style guide. A style guide is not only going to apply to online advertising and marketing materials. You should make sure that you have a consistent style guide for every single aspect of your company. It is important that you understand that your website, your print collateral, your interior design and all other aspects of your business need to be cohesive and coordinating in order for your brand to work for your company.


The Importance Of BRANDING ?

What do you think of when I say Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, Intel and Microsoft? Well, if you said they are all big companies, you’d be right.But the are also the BIG TOP RATED COMPANIES.



How Apple OR IBM made this ?

A brand creates associations and expectations, not because it is a brand, but because the brand encapsulates the expectations which the company has made in the past and which can make in the future.

Advertising and making cereative ads is very BIG REASON to be big company and KNOWN , As an example  Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, etc. spend millions of dollars doing this. However, that is what it takes to make it work – millions. If you have that sort of money to throw around on an unknown quantity such as image advertising go right ahead. But if you don’t have that much to spend on building your brand, your advertising expenditure will only be like a drop in the ocean in terms of the effect that it has on your brand recognition.

So e-Marketing has APPEARED for small companies that dont have big budget to advertise with , btw the big ones are using it now :) .

 SO these are some tips to BRAND online & offline :-

1. Hire a branding company to bring your image and message under a brand ONLINE. ie Developing all branding tips  (website,  logo, e-marketing plans, SEO , SEM, backlinks, Daily articles, blog ,  etc………….) , ie Hire e-RAMO :D .

2. Develop a mission statement that shows your reason for being and the value you provide to your customers.

3. Create and issue an online or direct mail newsletter.

4. Make a calendar of local and regional events in your country and make your company visible in the areas most related to your company and your potential clients’ interests.

5. Add informational website content a minimum of four times per month.

6. Update your website to be informational based so that search engines can find you, and clients can read in-depth material demonstrating your expertise.