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How To Make Good Backlinks.

Whether you are a small blogger or big one , you must know that Backlinks is very important to spread your website and get ranked on Google.

So these some tips to make a good backlinks :-

1- Make your content easy to understand so many people can understand and spread your message. 

2- Digital Point Forum – This method involves joining the forum, becoming active and adding your links in signature area of your member profile. You’re only allowed a few links.

3- Buy relevant traffic with a pay per click campaign. Relevant traffic will get your site more visitors and brand exposure. When people come to your site, regardless of the channel in which they found it, there is a possibility that they will link to you.

4- Track who picks up your articles or press releases.

5- Trade articles with other webmasters.

6- Create your own topical directory about your field of interest. Obviously link to your own site, deeplinking to important content where possible.

7- Get a link from your local chamber of commerce.

8- Submit your link to relevant city and state governmental resources.

9- List your site at the local library’s Web site.

10- See if your manufacturers or retailers or other business partners might be willing to link to your site.

11-  It is pretty easy to ask or answer questions on Google Groups and provide links to relevant resources.

12- Submit a story to Digg that links to an article on your site. You can also submit other content and have some of its link authority flow back to your profile page.

13- Try to link your articles on your Facebook.

14- Review related sites on Alexa to draw in related traffic streams.

15-  Rent some high quality links from big websites with high rank.

How To Build Backlinks to your Blog/Website.

We MUST KNOW that  article marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your site ranked on the first page of Google, or any search engine. However, not many site owners truly understand this point , but this isTHEIR decision :P .

These some tips you may need to get backlinks to your website/blog :-


1. Create unique and new articles/comments

Be careful not to submit an article that exactly matches every blog you comment or write on it , that may make a duplicate of contents ,SO  Play it safe by rewriting your articles by adding some new words every time you need to submit them to different websites.

2. Link back to your website/blog

Remember that the main reason for submitting your articles online is to create links pointing to your site. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense if you link back to other sites and not your own.

3. Target your most effective keywords on the links

Including your most effective keywords after conducting a proper keyword research puts your website in a better position to be located by search engines. also try to put your Brand name as a trick to make some BUZZ for your brand.

4. Link to a variety of pages and NOT THE home page

Linking to a variety of pages allows your readers to discover more about your business. The more pages they visit, the more they discover about you.