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Facebook Starts offering the shares of Stock Exchange «NASDAQ» officially $38

On Friday «Facebook», amid great anticipation, his first step in the Stock Exchange «NASDAQ» E-rate $ 38 per share, which gives it a market value of $ 104 billion.Investors were waiting to see the level that will reach the value of the share on the first day of trading in the stock market.The founder of the «Facebook» and Chairman of its Board of Directors, Mark Zakrberg, not only sells shares to enable it to pay the taxes due, which is a value of $ 1.15 billion, and will retain the rest of the amount of contribution rate of 18.4%.

Analysts have warned any outburst of enthusiasm for the shares of the social network, which includes 900 million common shares, which will be put under the slogan «F. B », growth of turnover of« Facebook »slowing, in time increase the company’s investments and find it difficult to derive revenue from mobile devices, which are increasingly used instead of conventional computers to access the network.

And the state of the high demand from investors, can put an additional 63.18 million shares for sale, and will follow up «Zakrberg» event of the headquarters «Facebook» in Menlo Park, California, western United States.

And the process taken as a stunning size exceeded the value of «Facebook» market by far, the value of the Disney group «80 billion dollars», which is nearly a century old, even if it is still lower than the value of Internet giant «Google»

Facebook: May 18th is the expected day to start trading.

Although initial reports and leaks, which announced a decrease in the demand for shares of Facebook, but the source said the firm relating to the process of subtraction that was covering the shares of IPO for Facebook several times, which could result in increased price range proposed in the Prospectus which is from 28 to 35 dollars per share

It is possible that the company issued a supplement to the Prospectus to the extent the new price is expected to be higher than the current

He added also that the demands on the IPO shares mostly from institutions and individuals expected to receive a percentage ranging from 10 to only 20% and get institutions to the rest

As the promotional campaign is still in the middle of the road, all equations and a list of possibilities it is possible to change the demand for shares

It is expected that requests for subscription closes the door next Wednesday May 16 and that one day before the announcement of the final price of the share price in the IPO

It is well known that the maximum price over the current $ 35 they lead to the proceeds of sale of shares is estimated at $ 13.6 billion and evaluation of kidneys for Facebook company up to 96 billion U.S. dollars.

May 17  is the expected day to determine the price.

May 18 is the expected day to start trading.

Bellow is The presentation Video of the IPO shares of Facebook and promotional displays in the campaign to investors :

Facebook makes timeline in Fan Pages

Facebook is now preparing to lunch the timeline in fanpages from 1 March – 2012 .

All the fan pages will be like the new profile time line , as me I Have Lunched it on My Fan page 🙂 , Click Here to check ..

Also all the fans WILL be able to send the admin Message .


Facebook reduces the Ad Length

These Days Facebook is planning on cutting the character length of their ads from 135 TO 90.  New ads after The last of February will not be permitted to have body copy longer than 90 characters, and ads that already exist will be retroactively enforced starting in May.  Headline length will be unchanged (25 characters if you’re wondering).

This change hasn’t been publicly announced by Facebook on their blog or in their help section,But there are many international blogs talking about this plan.

All Facebook (the blog) speculates that this change allows for more ads to appear on each page, which makes total sense. It a new plan in marketing to make more ads appear.

So what you think in these new updates ?

Facebook go public with10$bn offering

Facebook will begin the process of becoming a publicly-listed company this days, valuing the social networking site at between $75bn and $100bn.

The company plans to file papers with the US financial watchdog on Wednesday, according to the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The flotation later this year would raise about $10bn, they reported.

This would be one of the biggest share sales seen on Wall Street.

It would dwarf the $1.9bn raised by Google when it went public in 2004.

It would still, however, be some way short of the $20bn raised by carmaker General Motors in November 2010.

‘Brilliant achievement’

The reports suggest that Morgan Stanley will be the lead underwriter for the sale, with Goldman Sachs also expected to be heavily involved.

Rumours of Facebook’s so-called initial public offering (IPO) have circulated for many months, and the company has maintained it will not comment on the subject.

The reported valuation would make Facebook one of the world’s biggest companies by market capitalisation.

“Facebook a brilliant achievement, but $75-$100bn? Would make Apple look really cheap,” said Rupert Murdoch on Twitter.

The company was started by Mark Zuckerberg and fellow students at Harvard University in 2004 and has quickly grown to become one of the world’s most popular websites.

It makes most of its money through advertising.

As a private company, Facebook does not have to publish its accounts, but reports in January last year suggested a document sent by Goldman Sachs to its clients showed the firm made a net profit of $355m on revenues of $1.2bn in the first nine months of 2010.

5 Steps To Increase Facebook Fans

The 5 steps below work for ecommerce, B2B and even publishers. I’m also going to share some examples from each as well. However before we get to each of the steps, I’d like to make sure you can manage and impact your Facebook Fanpage conversion rate. I hope also you add Google analytics to your Facebook page so that you can get better insights into who is visiting the page and how they are getting there.

1. Make a Custom Welcome Page

Many of the most highly engaged Facebook fan pages have leveraged the ability to take non-fans to a custom welcome page instead of taking them directly to their wall.So make a landing page as a welcome page before the users land on the wall.

2. Remind Them Why To Like Your Page

People really do love why they liked this page ??. Notice how they not only remind them of that on their welcome tab but how they also remind them that by Liking them on Facebook they get access to exclusive content. If you are truly a fan then you’ll really want access to something exclusive and new.

3. Offer Them Good Offers

People may need a little more to get them to click the Like button than just being reminded how awesome you are. So once they see your custom landing tab, you’ll want to offer them a powerful reason to Like you.

4. Make it Interactive

The biggest advantage a Facebook Fan page offers is the ability to interact with your customers –  the opportunity to dialogue. Make sure to highlight this interactivity on the welcome tab.

5. Give Them All the Info

Ultimately, people like to connect to people and Smashing magazine does a great job highlighting the staff behind their fabulous publication. I highly suggest you have an additional tab to talk about the people behind your company and don’t forget to fill out all the information on your info tab

Creative Ideas For Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Facebook’s Timeline covers

Included in Facebook’s numerous product updates is the new Timeline function which tells a user’s story in a chronological way, literally resembling a traditional timeline. What is most captivating about the Timeline to us is that it offers a “cover” which is a massive picture at the header of a user’s profile. Timelines are now rolling out to all users and as each user gains access, they will be prompted to add a cover photo.

 The best tip that no one is telling you is that the actual size of the photo needed is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall, so users should try to use a high resolution image in that size. We caution against the obvious: don’t use a photo that doesn’t belong to you or you don’t have rights to, and keep it clean. There are now websites that offer to generate a cover photo, but thousands of others will have the same image as you, so we suggest using your own photo :).

Facebook Timeline Covers Ideas







How To Get Traffic From Facebook

Facebook is not the first social network but it is the most popular. There have been many other social networks before Facebook and while some of them were popular at some point in time, none could reach the popularity of Facebook. In addition to keeping in touch with your friends, Facebook can be used for business. You can use it to promote your products and services, to acquire new clients, or to get traffic to your site.

Simply try to do these tips:-


1- Your profile is your major weapon

As with Twitter and any other social network, if you don’t make your profile interesting, you will hardly become popular. Give enough background information for you and don’t forget to make your profile public because this way even people, who don’t know you, when they encounter your profile, they might become interested in you and become a supporter of yours.


2- Include information about your site on your Wall

Facebook gives you the opportunity to write a lot about you and your endeavors, as well as to include pictures, so use all these opportunities to build interest in you and your products. It is even better to post videos and fill in the other tabs, so if you have something meaningful to put there, just do it.


3- Build your network

As with other social networking sites, your network is your major capital. That is why you need to invite your friends, acquaintances, and partners and ask them to join as your supporter. You should also search for people with interests similar to yours. However, don’t be pushy and don’t spam because this is not the way to convince people to join your network.


4- Try Posting regularly

No matter how interesting the stuff in your Facebook profile is, if you don’t publish new content regularly, the traffic to your Facebook profile (and respectively the Facebook traffic to your site) will slow down. If you can post daily, it is fine but even if you don’t post that regularly, try to do it as frequently as you can. If nothing else, updating your status regularly is more than nothing, so do it.


5- Be active

A great profile, an impressive network, and posting regularly are just a part of the recipe for success on Facebook. You also need to be active – visit the profiles of your supporters, take part in their groups and other initiatives, visit their sites. You are right that all this takes a lot of time and you might soon discover that Facebooking is a full-time occupation but if you notice an increase in traffic to your site, then all this is worth.


6- Check what Facebook apps are available

Facebook apps are numerous and new and new ones are released all the time. While many of these apps are not exactly what you need, there are apps, which can work for you in a great way. For instance, MarketPlace widget/plugin or Blog Friends widget are very useful and you should take advantage of them. You can also use the widgets for crossposting (i.e. posting directly on Twitter from Facebook) because this saves you time.


7- Use Facebook Ads

If you can’t get traffic the natural way, you might consider using Facebook Social ads. These are PPC ads and starting a campaign is similar to an Adwords campaign.


8- Creat your Fanpage

There are many fanpages on Facebook but it is quite probable that there is a free niche for you. Start your fanpage about something related to your business and invite people to join it. The advantage of this approach is that you are getting targeted users – i.e. people, who are interested in you, your product, your ideas, etc.

Facebook Targets Your Zip Code in USA

Facebook has finally made it possible to show adds just to the zip code/s that you select.

Previously advertisers were only able to narrow with country, state, or province. Now with much more focused geographical targeting Facebook ads could be used to promote civic programs and political campaigns, small businesses serving particular communities can make sure their ads don’t go to a greater area than they sell to, and a myriad of other ways. But This Option from Facebook is LUNCHED For USA until Now. as on the pic