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How Twitter Impacts Google

With Google regularly updating search algorithms to ensure it’s delivering the most relvant and up to date content, it was only a matter of time before we started to notice the effects of social media, particularly Twitter, on our search results.

Google have confirmed that they have not only added social and blog search channels, but that social media also has some effect on regular search results.

Google will take into consideration if an article is retweeted or referenced much from Twitter and use this social signal when determining its search placement.

As part of this it will take into consideration Twitter users who have a large number of followers and will consider them to be authoratitive, giving greater relevance to the links they are tweeting about.

Is it useful to do this?

Personally I think it is. Its a bit like the search robot having several million content pickers filtering through the thousands of new pages which are created every day and flagging which are noteworthy.

What does this mean for my business?

It depends, but if you’re vying for the 90% of clicks which come from being on the first page of Google’s search results, you should probably be taking some notice. It is important to remember though that social media is only one of the many factors playing a part in your search rankings and that setting up a Twitter account for the sake of SEO probably isn’t going to do you any favours.

Remember, content is king and social media success relies on you having enough time and inclination to actually be sociable.

Twitter Redesign Adds Brand Pages

Twitter unveiled a new site design yesterday during an event at the site of its future headquarters. The major revamp includes enhanced profile pages, Twitter’s version of brand pages already offered by social rivals Facebook and Google+.

In addition to a more robust mobile experience and enhanced profile pages, the revamp includes some key marketing implications:

  • Ads running on Twitter’s mobile app
  • Promoted Trend and Promoted Account units will appear on the page’s left-hand side instead of the right
  • Access to all interactions a user has had with a company’s customer service or marketing team via icon-driven features

21 Accounts will Get New Twitter Brand Pages

Bing is one of 21 Twitter accounts that will enjoy upgraded Twitter pages going into the holidays. Other launch partners receiving more robust brand pages include brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Dell, American Express, McDonald’s, Best Buy, Subway, JetBlue, and Heineken.

Their new Twitter pages – which have heightened rich media capabilities – allow them to continuously maintain a promotional tweet at the top. In the case of Subway, the sandwiches restaurant chain has embedded its “Betrayal” :30 TV spot below the tweet copy.

Twitter said more companies will get the upgraded pages during 2012. “We will slowly roll out enhanced profile pages to a wider audience of brands in the coming months,” a spokesperson wrote in an email to ClickZ News.

Embeddable Tweets

Messages posted on Twitter can now be embedded on other websites by copying and pasting a line of code, accessed by clicking on an “Embed This Tweet” link. This will allow visitors on your website to then follow the account on Twitter, or reply, retweet, or favorite a tweet without leaving your website.